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Help protect your skin against environmental assault that can lead to skin-ravishing glycation. This innovative cream contains an extract of Sweet Osmanthus (Fragrant Olive) which has a very strong antioxidant potency. Detoxifies skin from dangerous oxidants and glycating agents, yielding a variety of skin protecting and anti-aging benefits.

Skin Type Indications: All, especially individuals concerned with aging skin.

- Specially engineered biomolecules provide outstanding antioxidant and anti-glycation activities
- Decarboxycarnosine protects against A.G.E.’s
- Phytochemicals detoxify and protect

Directions: Apply after cleansing, morning and night.

Feature Ingredients
- Benfotiamine
- Rice Bran oil
- SurviCode (Sodium cocoyl alaninate)
- DermalRx LuShield (Osmanthus Fragrans flower extract)
- Matrixyl synthe’6 (Palmitoyl tripeptide 38)
- Decarboxycarnosine (Alistin)
- Bis-ethylhexyl hydroxydimethoxy benzylmalonate (RonaCare AP)
- Alpaflor ABI Complex AO