Where On Your Body Can You Benefit From A HydraFacial?

It’s no secret that HydraFacials are one of our favourite services at Smooth Effects Kelowna, but did you know that this patented technology can offer exceptional benefits on areas of the body other than the face? 

The HydraFacial is a treatment that includes deeply cleansing, exfoliating, and extracting impurities from the skin while simultaneously infusing nourishing ingredients to hydrate the skin. Put simply, it removes what you don’t need in your skin and replenishes it with what you do need. 

Let’s explore where on your body you can benefit from a HydraFacial.


An often overlooked, but important part of our skincare routine, is scalp health. Product buildup and improper scalp-care can lead to irritation, itchiness, dryness, as well as damaged, thin, and lackluster locks. Poor scalp health can include dry skin, clogged hair folicles, dead skin cells, and overall lack of circulation. 

Thankfully, the innovative HydraFacial Keravive treatment can help. This facial for your scalp uses a 3-step treatment process:

  • Cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the scalp and hair follicles.
  • Deliver daily scalp and hair follicle nourishment and stimulation.
  • Stimulate scalp circulation and nourish scalp and hair follicles with growth factors and skin proteins.

The HydraFacial Keravive will leave you with thicker and fuller hair, as well as a healthier scalp. When you book this treatment with Smooth Effects Kelowna, you will also receive a Signature HydraFacial for free.

Neck And Décolleté

If you’ve treated your face to a series of HydraFacials, we’d be willing to bet that your skin is thriving. That said, if your neck or chest haven’t received the same treatment, it’s probably noticable! Give the same love to your neck and décolleté with a specialized HydraFacial treatment that uses the Epicutis Neck and Décolleté Booster Serum. This booster visibly revitalizes, plumps, and make your neckline glow! You can add this treatment to a standard HydraFacial or enjoy it on its own.


If you struggle with back breakouts or congestion, you are not alone. Luckily, we have a solution for you. 

The Clarifying Back HydraFacial can be done on your upper back or full back to cleanse, exfoliate, and extract impurities, while delivering hydration. This treatment dissolves excess oil, treats acne, and prevents future breakouts, while also soothing irritation and inflammation. LED light therapy is then used to destroy acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation, and improve overall skin tone, texture, and clarity. 

Don’t worry - we’ve got your back!


One of the first spots that we may notice aging is in our hands. A HydraFacial can quickly and effectively reduce signs of aging and improve the appearance of the skin on your hands. Touted as a ‘silver bullet’ for aging skin issues, the HydraFacial treatment will deliver intense hydration to your skin, leaving it more plump and rejuvenated. 

To give your hands a hydration boost, book a HydraBody appointment.


A HydraFacial for your arms will gently exfoliate bumpy and dry arms to reveal soft, supple skin. Some of the benefits that you may see from this HydraBody treatment include purification of pores, accelerated skin surface renewal, and more hydrated, radiant skin. 

For softer, more supple arms, book a HydraBody appointment.


Don’t forget about your behind! A HydraFacial can be a great treatment to give your booty some TLC. This treatment can target breakouts, loss of firmness, dryness, and inflammation on the booty. By cleansing, exfoliating, and extracting impurities from the booty, addressing skin concerns with customized HydraFacial boosters, and infusing your skin with antioxidants and peptides, a Booty HydraFacial will leave your behind hydrated, smooth, and more firm. 

Signature, Deluxe, And Platinum HydraFacials

Of course, we can’t forget the HydraFacial OGs. Our Signature, Deluxe, and Platinum HydraFacials deliver varying levels of customization to give your beautiful face a healthy glow by removing dead skin cells and impurities and infusing your skin with the ingredients that it needs to thrive. To identify which HydraFacial is right for you, we recommend booking a free skin consultation with our medical estheticians. 

There are so many reasons to love the HydraFacial and the fact that you can see benefits from this treatment just about anywhere on the body is one more to add to the list!