Gift Guide: The Best Skincare For Sensitive Skin and Redness

The holiday season is quickly approaching and we know how challenging it can be to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. No matter who you’re shopping for, quality skincare is a fabulous gift idea! That said, you don’t want to guess at what skincare product or treatment would benefit those on your list, so Smooth Effects Kelowna has developed thoughtful gift guides for different skin concerns to guide your shopping.

If you’re shopping for a holiday gift for someone with sensitive skin or rosacea, there are a variety of medical-grade skincare products and treatments that could benefit them.

Skincare Products For Sensitive Skin and Redness

Dealing with rosacea or sensitive skin can be tricky, but a solid skincare routine can help. Here are a few great medical-grade products for sensitive skin:

Circadia Chrono-Calm Serum

This serum was designed specifically to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. Chrono-Calm is a lightweight, hydrating serum that contains botanical extracts that activate the skin’s repair system and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. A great gift for anyone with sensitive skin!

Vivier Redness Program

The Vivier Redness Program combines six skincare products that make up a solid routine for anyone with red, irritated skin. This kit includes HEXAM, Refreshing Toner, Radiant Eye Contour Cream, Redness Solution Complex, Lexxel, and Triple Protection Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. When used routinely, this program can help to restore a radiant complexion.

Vivier Lexxel

This gentle moisturizing cream is hypoallergenic making it ideal for all skin types. Lexxel can alleviate and protect against chapping, cracking, and roughness, while softening and moisturizing the skin.

Vivier Hexam

One of our favourite cleansers for all skin types, Vivier’s Hexam Cleanser deep cleans pores and purifies oily skin without irritating sensitive skin types.

SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum

The Alto Defense Serum targets many skin concerns, including aging and dullness, but it also fantastic for targeting redness. This serum defends against free radicals while promoting a more even skin tone.

Vivier Sheer SPF 30 Mineral

All skin types need to include a great sunscreen in their skincare routine, but this is especially true for sensitive skin. Protect your sensitive skin with Vivier’s Sheer SPF 30 Mineral formula and apply often.

Skincare Treatments For Sensitive Skin and Redness

Anti-Redness Laser Facial

You guessed it, this facial treatment can help to reduce redness! The Anti-Redness Laser Facial reduces diffused redness by converting the light energy of the laser to heat which will coagulate broken blood vessels. This will result in less flushing of the skin and a more even skin tone.

Oxygen RX Facial Treatment

This treatment uses controlled oxygen to combat acne, rosacea and telangiectasia, bringing about brighter skin. A controlled amount of oxygen is generated at optimal depths of the skin to provide maximum benefits, and it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

If you simply can’t decide, a Smooth Effects Kelowna gift card is always a great gift! A gift card can be used towards products or treatments and make a wonderful gift for friends, family, teachers, clients, hosts and hostesses, nurses, caregivers, and so many more people on your list.

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